Finally This Month He And Other Lawmakers Conjured Up Enough Short-term Money To Bring Back Some Of The Furloughed Employees.

May 26, 2017  
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Besides hurting those furloughed state employees, the fallout landed on the people who needed help the most. DePasquale noted that average call wait times grew to almost an hour, “with the longest wait time reported at nearly 7 hours.” The system needs to be fixed, but you don’t torch the house to express your displeasure with the plumbing. Nor should plumber chicago lincoln park 773-717-7550 anyone have the gall to capitalize politically while harming others. We’re talking about Sen. Scott Wagner, who vociferously led the charge to deny UC funding last Christmas and who, not incidentally, is running for governor. (He claims to be winning too, although candidates can’t officially file to run until next year.) If only he were as pro-active about helping people get the unemployment benefits they’re entitled to. Finally this month he and other lawmakers conjured up enough short-term money to bring back some of the furloughed employees. It’s sad that elected officials can’t simply work together to enact reforms that wouldn’t have been necessary had they not neglected oversight until the horse was out of the barn. Though the fix for the UC system is clear - DePasquale laid it out in his report – you won’t see the tea party wannabes rushing to be the first to actually fix it.  Wagner’s already floating an outsource-the-system idea.

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